Our clients bought a house and knew they would want to renovate before moving in, so they called on RKA to help them out. After completing demolition on the master bath and kitchen, they realized the need for just a little more room. With nowhere to go outward and the house already three stories, the decision was made to go down instead.

The kitchen floor and a section of the back wall of the house were removed allowing us to drive a mini excavator into the house and dig down 12’ below the kitchen to add a basement. The basement will then extend outside of the house almost all the way to the pool.

Access to the basement will come from a covered stairwell on the exterior as well as a floor hatch with spiral staircase leading down from the bar. This fully finished basement will be complete with full bath, dry sauna, sitting area, exercise equipment, and wine storage. A fully reinforced concrete ceiling will allow it to double as a very comfortable storm shelter.

Check back for an update when it’s complete!

Basement Build