First off, welcome to the redesigned blog! We should be able to provide more information and updates with this format. We hope you like it.

With that said, what better way to start our new blog than to share about our new office location. Over the past two years we have worked behind the scenes to bring top notch home building and renovations to Memphis and the surrounding areas. Some days this meant we would be completely mobile, while other days (and nights) we would be stuck in our home offices. As our business has grown, we felt a centralized location was the best step for RKA. With that goal in mind, we didn’t want the standard issue dingy contractor office or the typical space tucked in some large office building. So after an extensive search, we settled on great location between The Half Shell and Gus’s on Mendenhall. It’s a very accessible space in a fantastic location. Not only will this space improve our efficiency and capabilities, but it will also be a perfect place to interface with current and future clients. I think you would all agree that this is not your average contractor’s office!

Come visit us at 714 S. Mendenhall!