A decade ago RKA was born out of a simple love for fine homes.

We married a careful study of the modern building sciences with a deep respect for premium craftsmanship. And home by home, client by client we built an operation that reliably delivers for the high end custom building market in Memphis.

We are excited to announce that RKA is bringing its resources and reputation to lake life across the Mid-South. The right collaborators and tradesmen. The reliable project management, quality control, and communication that have established our business as a leader in fine, custom home building in the city – we plan to make that product available on the beloved lakefronts where our clients make some of their richest family memories.

Long weekends at the lake are part of the fabric of life here in the Mid-South. For a while now, satisfied clients have been asking us how to build what they want in markets we haven’t reached yet. So we are taking the RKA model to where they want to be. We have been assembling the teams who can deliver – to our standards – the outcomes you’ve come to expect from us.

The last decade has been about understanding what kind of business we needed to become in order to do what we do better than anybody else does it. We’ve spent these years building you fine homes. But we’ve also been building a business model. We knew how to do the first thing, and we had to innovate the other as we went along. It turns out that building great homes is actually a byproduct of the one thing we build better, outstanding teams. What distinguishes RKA is this team approach – how we pair the right Project Manager in the office with the Superintendent in the field who can best work together with the client. That’s how we deliver the consistent product and consistent experience y’all have come to expect.

We are constantly asking ourselves what does it feel like to be in business with us, how are we taking care of this relationship? Our focus has always been on the work we do for our customers – not just the results, but the process of building something together. Commissioning a high end custom home is not like buying another luxury item. You don’t ‘add to cart’ on RKA’s website! It is a long road, with ups and downs and plenty of delayed gratification. It’s high stakes with permanent consequences.

As it should be when the product is your home. These are the walls that frame childhoods, the scenery in your favorite photos, the soundstage for the family movie that will play in memory for the rest of your life. And the only way to deliver on a goal like that is with the greatest team you can find. At RKA we know that this means not just the best team but the right team for your job.

Which brings us out to the Lake. With all the available ways you can disappoint someone over the course of a job in our industry, there’s nothing that feels better than repeat business. We are so excited to deliver on the RKA promise in the locations that hold such a special place in our clients’ lives.

See you on the lake…